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Welcome to the home of The Happy Baby Clinic
Natural holistic healthcare for mothers and their babies.

Located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, The Happy baby Clinic is a unique concept in holistic healthcare where you can bring your baby and yourself for homeopathic and naturopathic treatment from highly experienced Naturopathic and Homeopathic practitioners, Lisa Guy and Sam Adkins.

What can we treat?

Our treatments are tried, tested, safe, gentle and effective. We have combined experience of 16 years of treating mothers and their babies and we are both mothers ourselves.

We treat colic, teething, sleep problems, reflux, constipation and much more.

We understand that when things aren’t going smoothly it is a big strain for a mother, so not only do we treat your baby but we also treat you. Take a peek at our treatments page to see how we can help!

Often if you are out of sorts then your baby will be too and vice versa. Our treatment philosophy is explained here.

This is what a mother had to say about the Homeopathic Treatment her son recently received:

"At 12 1/2 months I brought my highly active son to see Sam. My son was a very poor sleeper who woke frequently throughout the night to breastfeed and had to be held and rocked for any chance of a day sleep- which was more often than not very short. He had also reacted to past vaccinations with reflux, more sleep issues and constant colds. Despite his intelligence and loving nature we needed some help. Sam prescribed a remedy for my son, a few drops only once. My son is now 14 months old and is a dream toddler, he sleeps through the night (no control crying involved), has two day naps, is weaned from breastfeeding (with no issues) has greatly increased his vocabulary and is much calmer and happier in general. Additionally, he has not had a cold since. Needless to say we are thrilled at the results for our son"
Jackie King, Randwick, Sydney. October 2010